Learning to Code - Apps And Resources - Product Hunt Collection

Knowing how to code is one of the most important skillsets that one can have today. I am sure coding and being able to talk to computers will become more and more important in the near future.

Coding can be soon important as learning Maths or Science as a child in school. It will be an important skill as Communication or any other basic skill.

I love resources that can help learn coding - both to learn for myself and to recommend others.

I mostly use Treehouse and Lynda.com as part of my regular learning but both of them are paid platforms and it might not be accessible to everyone.

It's always interesting to explore some innovative ways (even better when it's free) to learn code. One such collection that caught my attention today is the Product Hunt collection of Learning to Code.

If you aren't familiar with Product Hunt collection, it's a list of top products for a subject (in this case coding) voted on the platform.

Explore a list of apps and resources in this latest Product Hunt Collection to help you learn how to code.

I have used most of the platforms and some are completely free to use!

Let me know if any of the platforms are helpful to you.

Happy coding!

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