Web Design 101 - Free Ebook Online

Design platform webflow has released a free ebook teaching the basics of design - Wed Design 101.

The book published online has twelve chapters that go in details about the Visual design, Web Design, and Design Process.

The book is mostly a beginner's guide suitable to refer to the basics of web design.

To give you an idea, here's what the chapters look like;

  • CHAPTER 1- Essential visual design principles for web designers 

  • CHAPTER 2 - Color theory 

  • CHAPTER 3 - Web typography 101 

  • CHAPTER 4 - How element spacing works 

  • CHAPTER 5 - UI design essentials 

  • CHAPTER 6 - Designing for mobile 

  • CHAPTER 7 - How to design interactions effectively 

  • CHAPTER 8 - Building high-performing websites 

  • CHAPTER 9 - How to design landing pages that convert 

  • CHAPTER 10 - Why your design process should start with content 

  • CHAPTER 11 - Always choose prototypes over mockups 

  • CHAPTER 12 - The essential pre-launch checklist for your website

Visit the Web Design 101 Ebook website and start learning the basics today. 

What do you think of today's resource? Let me know if anything in the comments below. 

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