Google Launches Certified Developers Agency Program

Google Developers has launched a certification program for software development agencies.

Agencies can now apply to get certified and listed under Google developers’ certified Agencies.

Google recommends an agency should have expertise in Google technologies and experience in building high-quality apps to be certified for the program.

You can watch the introduction to Google developers agency program below.

Google has already listed more than 15 Agencies in its directory and is inviting for more applications from the interested agencies.

Google Developer Agency program helps agencies to receive dedicated training and access to their latest products and APIs.

The certification can be really useful to agencies to gain recognition and validity to their high-quality work.

Apart from being helpful to Agencies, the certification can also be helpful to others that are looking to hire agencies for their development works.

Google had previously published Outsourcing Playbook (Android Development) for those looking to outsource their works.

You can apply for the agency program (here) and certification (here).

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